Bozena Hanna Kaluga b.1960 in Poland. Master’s Degree in fiber art and sculpture 1985 in the Academy of Art in Poland. Since 2001 she lives and works in London.

Bozena Kaluga has exhibited internationally and won several prestigious awards. A London-based artist working in many mediums, she explores the collaboration between line and texture. Kaluga’s work displays a deeply personal perception of abstract imagination and her abstract work captures a sense of timelessness.

Throughout the years of experimentation in different materials and techniques, her aim was to master and perfect mediums she uses. She loves to use abstraction. The artist admitted that abstraction gives wide choice of possibilities to interpret specific subject, it allows the audience to have freedom to see and individually interpret specific peace.

“Abstraction is a provocation that attracts and interests me.”

Kaluga works in several mediums such as 3D Fiber Art, sculpture, drawing, painting, graphics tech. and painting on silk. She repeatedly uses natural materials like cotton, metal wire, wood or paper.

Kaluga uses light and shadows to define textures, which is one of the characteristics in her art.

Most of the time she works in series, which help her to stay focused. Characteristics of her work is layering, lettering and a strong sense of texture. She works in big pieces but also really enjoy working in a small and intimate scale.

"It gives me a feeling of building up a confidence about hand/eye coordination and ensures a certain spontaneous quality to my bigger pieces, even if they are sometimes very labor-intensive."



2009 Third Place in the 3D Form Infinity Exhibition 09, USA.

2009 Winner of “Best of 2009” – sculpture Marizart Galerie, Germany.

1988 Winner at International Textilekunst Betonac – Prijs, Belgium.

1987 GOLD MEDAL – Jugend Gestalted Munich, Germany.

1984 GOLD MEDAL – Art Society Award, University Award, Poland.

1977 Unesco Award, special award for drawing, Switzerland.